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I've had eczema on my ears for months and nothing from the doctor or the chemist has worked. But I've been using Duncan's Unction twice a day for over a week now and the eczema has cleared completely. It's so good I've bought a large jar to make sure the eczema doesn't return. So simple but so good.
Caroline, August 2018

Very happy that I was introduced to Duncan's Unction. It worked wonder for some dry, itchy skin that no other product seemed to tackle. 5 stars would recommend to all. 
Tom, July 2018

I've had my small pot of Duncan's Unction for a while but hadn't found a good enough reason to really dig in and see how good it is until now.
Three days ago I sunburnt my shoulder horrendously, it was still angry and warm to the touch days after but none of my aftersun creams, moisturisers or cold packs were making any difference.
I've been using Duncan's Unction on the burn for less than 24 hours and it has already taken down the inflammation and tightness in the skin so it no longer hurts to move my arm and it's not warm to touch anymore - the redness is also greatly reduced. (Bonus, my skin is so very soft now!)
I know that continuing to treat my burn with this product will have it healed so much quicker than if I continued to use my normal alternatives.
I'm so glad that I have a local supplier in Southampton because I will definitely be rebuying this product AND recommending to others, especially those with sensitive skin (my skin reacts to everything, but not this!)
Thanks Duncan, I'm glad I ran into you at Morden Hall!
Katey, June 2018

Older Reviews:

I was recommended to use this cream by a friend. I had a lot of scabbing and scarring left from a bad case of impetigo and I was truly amazed how it soothed and ...calmed my red, irritated, sore skin and now virtually all the scarring has faded, so that it is hardly noticeable. Being someone who suffers from psoriasis and eczema I was worried about my skin reacting but my skin loves this blend and I just bought myself a large pot this weekend to keep me going until I am back in Dorset in December. Jasmine.

This product is A class my skin feels absolutely incredible its never been so flawless and smooth. Being a beauty therapist I have tried all sorts of brands and nothing has ever come close to this product. I highly recommend every one to give this product a go ! So glad I found you at the little down. Susie.

I tried this as I was suffering with eczema on my eyes and had tried lots of different creams that didn't work. I was amazed as the eczema cleared up within about 4 days...fantastic!!!!!  Samantha.

Utterly fantastic. Can't get enough of this product - absolutely 100% natural and works like a dream. A million thank you's x. Katie.

And a recommendation for all cooks, bakers, chefs for Duncan's Unctions.com cream which is amazing for scalds, burns and cuts, available online and at Country Foods Health food shop station road, we can't recommend it highly enough for effective, soothing healing.
From the lovely Trina at Java Independent coffee House, Swanage.

My daughter suffers with mild eczema on her arms. It comes and goes so it is not a major problem but is itchy and annoying for her. We don’t like using parabens based creams so were really happy to come across Duncan’s Unction. Daisy used the unction which smells lovely, for a 2 week period, morning and evening and her eczema cleared. About a month or so later it returned so we have repeated the process. This has again been a success. This is a lovely, smooth, easily absorbed cream. - Al Stephens

I used this product after having radiotherapy, I had a really bad burn on my neck. Poole hospital told me to use aloe vera but it never helped it just made the burn crusty and very painful. After one application of Duncan;’s cream it started healing and was gone in a few days - Lyn

Dear Duncan, Just a short note to let you know how delighted I was with your unction. I had a very sore, incredibly itchy rash for weeks and weeks, It drove me mad. Within 3 days of applying the unction the redness has disappeared and it no longer hurt or itched. By the 5th day it had gone completely. Unfortunately, a year later it has returned but I am confident that another course will help.
I just need to work out what it is that I am allergic to. My husband is hoping that its him!!, many, many thanks
Alison - Delighted of Dorset

I have been using Duncan’s Unction for the last few months and it has worked miracles for my skin. Whilst working in a bar, my hands were extremely sensitive to the chemicals we used and Duncan’s Unctions helped improve it hugely! Would highly recommend and plus it smells great. - Lauren

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