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Amazing Skincare Cream Made in Dorset

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Amazing Skincare Cream Made in Dorset

Welcome to Duncans Unctions

The Unction is a remarkable, all natural skincare cream containing aloe vera and coconut oil. I created it to treat my radiotherapy burns and it worked brilliantly. Since that time the Unction has helped many people with so many skin conditions (see below).

Buy a jar of our Original Unction


Try a jar of our Original Unction - we're so confident you'll love it that we'll refund your purchase if you are not totally satisfied.
As well as radiotherapy burns the Unction is great for any skin burn, including sunburn. A doctor recently wrote ‘your Unction is great on sun-damaged skin’.

The Unction helps with many minor skin conditions such as dry skin, cracked skin, scars, rashes, itches, corns and babies cradle cap. The Unction can also help with more serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis and more. It’s nature’s way to soothe and help the body repair. 

Try it yourself - I guarantee you will be glad you did, or return it and I will refund your money.

What they say...

After having radiotherapy I had a really bad burn on my neck. Poole hospital told me to use aloe vera but it never helped. After one application of Duncan’s cream it started healing and was gone in a few days


I was gifted a small jar of this from my friend for my psoriasis in the run up to my wedding. It’s worked an absolute dream! And that small jar is still going strong.


How do I order from you? My friend is having radiotherapy for breast cancer, my mum was given your ointment and it was amazing!


I’m in so much pain, covered in sores head to toe that keep bleeding. I’m waiting for Drs to agree on a definitive diagnosis. Your unction was the only thing that soothed it...


Amazing, useful for a variety of things and works with a large number of skin conditions, lovely stuff! Particularly good as aftersun and moisturiser

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Money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied

Our Creams

We currently offer four skincare products, including one for pets! All are made by me in Dorset using the best natural ingredients. I make the creams in batches, so when you buy a Duncans Unction it gets to you nearly as fresh as when it was made! Click on the products below to find out more. View all products in our shop

The Original

Helps with the relief of radiotherapy burns, eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, acne, burns, dry skin & more.

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Night Unction

Restore your skin overnight with this lovely unction made with shea butter.

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Intensive Cream for Feet

Helps feet with the relief of very dry skin, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections & more.

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Pet Unction

Helps with nasty itchy rashes on animal skin and paws.

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