About Duncan's Unctions
In 2014 I went through extreme radiotherapy on my neck for a tongue cancer. One side-effect is burning of the skin. I was advised to use aqueous cream.
My wife, Kate, wasn’t impressed with this, so I did some research and discovered there is no medically agreed treatment. Having a degree in Physiology and Immunology my research for ingredients felt like a return to University.
I was particularly keen to find the best ingredients for the job, avoiding a mixture of chemicals where the risk of a reaction might outweigh the benefits. In the end it came down to a base mix of coconut oil and aloe vera gel, they combine really well. To this I added lavender, niaouli and manuka essential oils, and my Unction was born.
I discussed it with my medical team and they were supportive. I was told the treatment would cause significant skin problems. Even though I began applying my unction after treatment began I avoided the worst problems , my skin recovered quickly post-treatment. A nurse commented that “my skin was surprisingly unaffected by the treatment”.
Since then I have discovered that the Unction is an incredibly effective skin care cream. People use it as a basic moisturiser and conditioner. As a face, hand or foot cream, day cream, night cream and lip balm. Sorts out dry, cracked and itchy skin. It is a brilliant aftersun cream and stops insect bites from itching. It has helped chilblains.

The Unction has worked with acne, eczema, dermatitis. psoriasis and lichen planus. In the cold weather it is really good for reddened, windburnt skin.
Last year my daughter had the excellent idea of using it for her first tattoo, it went well and I now also market it as a tattoo aftercare.
It is a remarkable product.
Love Duncan

I sincerely hope you find it helpful. If you do, please share your experience on Facebook “Duncans Unctions” ,  phone 07517 148044 or duncansunctions.com . And read what others have written.

The Ingredients of the Original Unction:

Niaouli Oil

Coconut Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

Manuka Oil

Lavender Oil

​​The Ingredients of the ​Foot Unction:

​​Coconut oil      Aloe Vera gel      Tea Tree oil      Patchouli oil

I created the unction for feet as meeting people at various markets and fairs they would tell me their stories about their creations. Two that consistently cropped up were tea tree and patchouli oils and how good they are for feet. So I put them together with my coconut and aloe vera base and the unction for feet was born.​

The Unction and prices:

Duncan's Unctions are currently available either through our store page via Paypal, credit and debit cards, contacting us directly or at one of the outlets listed opposite.
For the Original Unction

Small 30ml pots £5

Large 100ml pots £15

​Unction for tattoos

30ml tin £5

Hot towel pack £6.50

For the Foot Unction

Small 30ml pots £4

Large 100ml pots £12

Post and packing
Current prices with Royal Mail
£4.00 1st class
£3.50 2nd class

Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre, Bristol
Naturalife, Bridport 

Cariad Wholefoods, Blandford

Ruby Tuesdays, Swanage

Country Foods, Swanage, 15 Station Rd

Corfe Castle Village Stores

Sunrise Organics, Bournemouth 

Philip Mills Hair Design, Wareham

Spill the Beans, Wimborne

​Rice Up Wholefoods, Southampton

​Purbeck Wholefoods, Wareham.