Hello, my name is Duncan and in late 2014 I underwent extreme radiotherapy, 36 doses on my neck for a cancer. It caused severe burning and the recommended treatment didn't work so I created my own unction (a treatment with oil or ointment). It worked and I have since discovered that the skincare ointment does many wonderful things for the skin.

Have a look at the real world reviews below, my ointments are available through the website, at health stores and I can regularly be found at fairs and events in the South of England and beyond.


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The Original Versatile Skincare Cream with Coconut & Aloe Vera 

Helps with the relief of radiotherapy burns, eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, acne, burns, dry skin & more

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Intensive Skincare Cream for Feet with Coconut & Aloe Vera

Helps feet with the relief of very dry skin, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections & more

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Night Unction - Versatile Skincare Cream with Shea Butter

Restore your skin overnight with this lovely unction made with shea butter

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Pet Unction - Versatile Skincare Cream for Animals with Coconut & Aloe Vera

Helps with nasty itchy rashes on animal skin and paws


Reviews & Videos

"So soothing to my very upset sore skin. everything else just stung and irritated", Dawn.

OMG! I am so impressed. for the past couple of months I've had a problem with my eyelids and the skin around my eyes. The doctor diagnosed contact dermatitis and prescribed Eumovate cream which has done nothing and even stung when I put it on. Today I went to Kingston Fete and tried a little bit of Duncans Unction on my eyelids which were red, puffy, dry and VERY itchy. Immediately they felt calmer and after an hour or so I went back to the stall to show how my eyelids were no longer red or puffy and had stopped itching. I now have a pot of this amazing stuff cooling in my fridge and all I can say is a massive THANK YOU. x Dyanne.

I was gifted a small jar of this from my friend for my psoriasis in the run up to my wedding. It’s worked an absolute dream! And that small jar is still going strong. Laura.

Amazing, useful for a variety of things and works with a large number of skin conditions, lovely stuff! Particularly good as aftersun and moisturiser, Grace.

Tattooist Nat talks about the skincare cream - PLAY VIDEO 

Lady uses unction post skin cancer - PLAY VIDEO 

Another endorsement for skincare cream - PLAY VIDEO 

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