My Story​​


Hello, My name is Duncan. In 2014
I underwent extreme radiotherapy to
treat a throat cancer.
One side effect was burning of my skin. I was advised to use aqueous cream. Kate, my wife, wasn't impressed with that suggestion, so I did some research and discovered that there's no medically agreed treatment.
My research led me to creating my unction. Others have tried it for a variety of skin conditions as well as a moisturiser.
Many have reported success. So, early days, but it appears to work! But don't just take my word for it
have a look at what some people are saying

Read the latest reviews, thank you so much to those who go to the trouble of writing them. Here's the latest:

Hello , i bought some off you at a craft fair in Weymouth a few weeks ago and just to let you know everything is positive in my reply .My Psoriasis is the best its been for years especially on my elbows .Off to Southampton in a couple of weeks and will find "Rice Up" to get some more .I still use my ordinary cream but i feel the combo is working .Well done you ! Regards Bob.

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The Unction spreads!